Meet the ilo Team

Our Story

At ilo Style House we value our clients and our team, focusing on meaningful connections, excellence in high level hair care, and providing an above and beyond experience that has you leaving feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Brittany Davies

Master Stylist

I love doing hair because every day I get to create art and empower my clients to feel beautiful and treasured. I love teaching them how to get beyond past struggles with their look, and I love the feeling I get when someone leaves with incredible hair and a full love tank, rocking their self confidence and a beautiful smile! I am a color specialist and I love how transformative color can be. I also love cutting. The precision and attention to detail that it requires is especially gratifying to me. Another specialty of mine is makeup. Glam is what I love so it’s really fun to mix that up from my normal day to day.

Our clients our incredible team are the very best part of my job. The relationships I’ve built are so rewarding. I learn and grow from them every day. My life is rich because of these incredible people. I’m so very grateful for every one of them. I am a network educator for bumble and bumble. I absolutely love teaching! I continue to invest in advanced education in my career, collecting certifications in cutting, razor, advanced color classes, Balayage, styling, and design. I travel often to New York and California to go to these classes to enrich the diversity of my skill set with leading techniques and methods.

Chloe Claire


The best thing about my job is that I get to help my clients recognize their true beauty. Being able to express creativity through my work and boosting someone’s confidence at the same time is such a gift! I love that this industry provides constant opportunities to professionally develop and be an active influencer in continuously evolving trends. 

My favorite services to provide include anything and everything edgy, funky, and full of color—especially vivids! I’m also certified in Brazilian Blowouts and love providing that classic, lux service. Every day I am so thankful that I’m able to make real and lasting connections with my clients! My goal as a stylist is not to just give them great service but to be someone they know they can trust for their styling goals.

Paige Harmier


I love walking into work every day being able to channel my creativity and artistic expression with each client I work with. One of my favorite things is to be able to use special techniques with each client to customize the exact look my clients are looking for.

I love doing any and all services that have chemical or color elements, especially balayage and foils. I’m certified in Balayage style application and am always seeking out continuing education to provide my clients the latest and greatest services.


Samantha Overman

Junior Stylist

I believe hairdressing is an art, and I love putting my artistic mind to work to create a truly beautiful head of hair! I absolutely love using fun color techniques to create bold and individualized statements for my clients. I’m also certified in Balayage and enjoy enhancing my clients’ styles through that expert technique.

Looking beautiful on the outside is one of the easiest ways to feel more beautiful on the inside, and I love working with clients to help them feel more and more beautiful each day. Seeing my clients transform is one of the most rewarding pieces of my job, and I’m so thankful to be a part of their journey.


Apprentice Program

Please contact the salon for more information about our apprentice program

The heart of ilo’s success can be found in our commitment to helping each of our stylists achieve their professional dreams via apprenticeship. Our apprentice stylists pair one-on-one with a master stylist to engage in every part of the client experience. They acquire the many levels of skill that any elite stylist needs to succeed and, more importantly, they learn to problem solve and improvise. We take care to pursue stylists for our apprenticeship program who we believe have potential to become top stylists in their market and their industry.