About Us

Making our vision a reality

Founded in 2018, Brittany Davies had a vision. Bring luxury and a total upscale client experience to the Vancouver, WA area. After twelve years behind the chair, her passion for her clients, industry, and education inspired her to create a masterpiece: ilo Style House. With a team of incredible women who are extremely talented stylists, we are proud to bring to you our joy.

Our Mission

It is our priority to deliver high performance hair care provided by stylists who will create meaningful connections with every client. We pursue this goal by carefully matching new clients with the stylist who we think will be the ultimate fit for their personal style and technical hair care needs. We are confident that our commitment to savvy client/stylist pairings (not to mention a thoughtfully selected availability of seasonal treats and beverages) will bring you restoration and serenity throughout your experience at ilo along with the ongoing sense of confidence and joy that comes from an exceptional salon service.


Bumble & Bumble’s innovative products and advanced education initiatives have made them leaders in the beauty industry. Our stylists are experts at tailoring Bumble & Bumble’s products to fit each client’s needs, creating hair that’s stylish, functional, and irresistible every day.

Apprentice Program

Please contact the salon for more information about our apprentice program

The heart of ilo’s success can be found in our commitment to helping each of our stylists achieve their professional dreams via apprenticeship. Our apprentice stylists pair one-on-one with a master stylist to engage in every part of the client experience. They acquire the many levels of skill that any elite stylist needs to succeed and, more importantly, they learn to problem solve and improvise. We take care to pursue stylists for our apprenticeship program who we believe have potential to become top stylists in their market and their industry.

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